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Cyber Monday!

This year is flying by and Supercade has been so insanely busy with awesome projects that I have barely had time to keep up... we have upcoming exhibitions at Soho House in NYC, Chicago, and Toronto, a super cool installation for Niantic, and a top secret project in the works that I can't wait to post details about. It's all going to be totally amazing and I'm so grateful for these opportunities, but it has left me with not as much time to focus on the shop.

That said, I promised myself that I would finish some new stuff for the New Year – including a gift bag, and sundry swag – so please sign up for the Newsletter and follow @supercade71 on Instagram for updates.

The Supercade Shop launched a year ago this month and I'm so grateful for all the love and support so far. Really hoping to build it into something awesome with loads of new products in the works. I also (finally) relaunched the main site at so check that out if you haven't already.

To celebrate my best intentions and say THANK YOU SO MUCH I'm offering 30% off t-shirts and timeline posters for Cyber Monday with code CYBER30.

Hope everyone had an incredible Thanksgiving!

xoxo van

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