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Kill Screen Backer Icons

$ 5.00

Thank you so much for supporting this project!

These backer icons are being offered as a gesture of thanks for helping to offset the additional costs of adding 54 pages to Supercade v.2 — which was not one of the stretch goals. There was no way to fit all the games of the era in 450 pages. I wanted this book to be as awesome as it possibly can be and didn’t want to cut content, so four additional forms were included for a total of 504!!

Adding over fifty pages also increased the weight and shipping cost beyond what was collected... the proceeds from the backer icons will go to offset the difference and they will be displayed beside your name on the Backers page (to be clear, this is a private listing exclusively for Kickstarter backers). 

If each of you could please participate — especially international backers and those pledged for the Collector’s Edition as the increased weight most impacts your fulfillment — it will insure the books can be shipped safely and without issue.

The “Bonus” tier includes a secret icon that will be revealed after the book goes to press.

Oh, some of you said you wanted icons from your favorite game... the “Custom” tier will allow you to design your own 12 x 12 pixel icon to be featured, though some conditions will apply.

Please select only one!